I am an English Lit undergradute with the Open University. I am also a Mummy & live some of the time in France. This blog documents my attempts to translate the sonnets of the divine Louise Labé into English.

My translation philosophy is to try to convey the atmosphere and meaning of the original but without following La Labé’s original rhyme scheme. So I may use archaic words, as she does. Sorry. Trying to follow the rhyme scheme (which is generally ABBA ABBA CCDCDC) I find results in the loss of too much of the original imagery and meaning of the poems. However, I am trying to make my versions as poetic as possible. I am aiming at poetry, rather than prose translations (such as those excellent prose tranlations offered by Gerald P. Sharpling of University of Warwick, in ‘From verse into prose: English translations of Louise Labé’s sonnets’, Journal of European Studies, 2007 36: 117). If you read my versions, I hope you enjoy them.


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