Sonnet III

The original can be found here:

My version, here:

O enduring desires, o vain hopes
Sorrowful sighs and habitual tears.
You are the fathers of the many rivers
Of which my eyes are mother and fountain.

O cruelties, o un-human hardness
Pitiful gaze at the lighted heavens
O heart numb, o first passions
Is it your aim to make my pain grow?

However more, Love his bow upon me turns
Numerous fires and barbs He aims at me
He is frustrated in His vile plans:

I am already so injured in my every organ
that to open in me a new would, He
will find no flesh whereby to hurt me more.

Tricky, that one. The meaning of the sestet was less than clear on the first dozen or so readings. But I think that is more or less what she’s getting at. Emotionally numb – is that what we might call it?

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